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3 Types of Rental Property Inspections to Know as a Landlord

3 Types of Rental Property Inspections to Know as a Landlord

Are you a landlord with a host of tenants you've got to keep up with? The truth is that understanding which properties are in need of upgrades and which aren't can be tricky.

But, that's precisely why you've got to stay on top of rental property inspections to have a clear understanding of what was there before a tenant moved in and what was damaged by the tenant. If you've been searching for a brief guide on rental inspections, you've come to the right place.

Continue reading below about the different types of rental inspections you need to know about as a responsible landlord.

1. Move-In Inspection

As the name suggests, this type of rental home inspection should be completed before someone moves in. It's otherwise known as a walk-through.

This inspection takes place with the tenant by your side pointing out anything they might notice is wrong with the unit they're leasing.

It's best if you have a checklist of items you need to check during this inspection with a spot at the bottom for tenants to sign when the walk-through is completed. Another common reason for completing a move-in inspection is so you can distinguish wear and tear from damage.

When the tenant moves out of a property in Folsom, CA, you'll be able to have a clear picture of how much to deduct from their deposit based on the initial inspection. With this inspection and some others, you need to let tenants know in advance because as a landlord you can't enter their rental without giving proper notice.

2. Move-Out Inspection

The move-out inspection is to detail damages the tenant should be charged for and to ensure the unit was left the way it was when the tenant moved in. It's best if you schedule a move-out inspection a day or so before the tenant is scheduled to move out.

After the inspection is complete, you can detail how they should expect to receive the remainder of their security deposit, if they're getting one, and have them sign their paperwork.

It's also the perfect time to collect the tenant's keys and remind them to have all utilities in their name removed and put back into your name. 

3. Drive-By Inspection

The next inspection on our list of rental inspection types is the drive-by inspection. Instead of going inside of the property you've rented to the tenant, you stay in your car and drive by.

The thing about drive-by inspections is you don't have to schedule them with the tenant and you can do them as often as you want. When you drive by your property, make a note of the following:

  • Condition of the property
  • Unauthorized people living in the home

With this type of inspection, it's best to do it at varying hours, because it gives you the element of surprise to catch tenants if they're doing something they aren't supposed to be doing.

Rental Property Inspections: The Types You Need to Know

There are several different types of rental property inspections, and we've listed a few above for you. Rental inspections are a small part of the job you do as a landlord.

You've got to also screen tenants and tap into different resources to help you do your job to the best of your ability. If you're looking for a platform that allows you to do all that and more in Folsom, CA, request a quote from Folson Property Management.