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A Small Investment Can Get You Started as a Landlord

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Real estate investing can be an intimidating area for someone new to the industry to enter. Luckily for you, it does not take as much money as you might think to become a landlord. The minimum investment for a real estate inv... read more >>

A Rent Collection Guide for Landlords

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Rent collection is arguably the most important aspect of being a landlord. If you're not doing rent collection the right way, you're going to have trouble getting paid on time every month. With rent prices going up al... read more >>

The Importance of a Tenant Background Check

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Property ownership means more than just owning a piece of land and cashing passive income monthly. You are now responsible for people as well as a building and the property on which it rests. You have the responsibility of de... read more >>

Rental Property Inspections: What Are the Benefits?

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If you own one or more rental properties in Folsom, California, congratulations. Becoming a real estate investor isn't easy. However, it will help you find wealth and success.Of course, you'll only be a successful property... read more >>

How to Become a Section 8 Landlord in California

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Did you know in 2020 there were 161,548 homeless people living in California? Section 8 programs are available to help lower-income families and individuals. These programs assist those looking for a clean and safe place to l... read more >>
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