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An option for those dying lawns!


Maintaining the landscaping during the vacancy period is imperative. The immediate need when a unit comes vacant is to ensure the electricity is transferred. Without the electricity, the auto timer cannot function & can make it difficult for your handyman & vendors to make necessary repairs. Here in Sacramento, the weather can reach 100 degrees or more. Landscaping and lawns can burn within a one week period or potentially less. Relying on neighbors to water your  property is not realistic and can become a potential liability if someone were to trip & fall on the premises. Communicating the need for curb appeal with your client is simple. After all, curb appeal is the first step in getting your vacancy filled as qualified renters typically judge a property from a simple drive by or available exterior pictures. If an auto sprinkler system is unavailable or a manual one exists, there are still options to ensure the landscaping or lawns are watered on a regular basis. For less than $100, an electronic watering system can be purchased. Electronic watering systems simply run by batteries & are attached to available hose bibs & hoses. The timer can be used by the tenant during their tenancy or can be stored at the property for future vacancies.