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Detecting pet damage


Convincing a tenant to allow you to arrange the cleaning of carpets after they vacate can be beneficial to both the client and manager. This will help determine or discover if there is carpet damage (mainly pet) beyond normal wear & tear as the carpet technician can fully inspect the premises without having a bias opinion to the person writing the check. If you have a regular carpet cleaning company, you are most likely receiving services at a discounted rate. The tenant will be pleased to follow your lead knowing they too will reap the benefit. This is also a great opportunity to have the carpets inspected if you have any suspicions.  

There is a great tool out there that detects the main ingredient in urine, salt. !!!  The tool is a hand held wand with a probe at the end that resembles a large needle. The probe is punctured into the carpet & pad in suspected areas of the room such as corners. The needle is small in width & leaves no damage to the floor or carpets. Anytime I suspect urine, even if the tenant uses another carpet cleaner, I request the probing. It works & will save you the hassle of explaining yourself to the client if you or the new tenant discover the damage after the security deposit has been returned.