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How Long Will It Take to Rent my Home? Folsom Property Management Education

How Long Will It Take to Rent my Home? Folsom Property Management Education

The speed with which you will rent out your property comes down to three key factors: location, condition, and price. The time of year often impacts your home’s time on the market because tenants typically move in the late spring and throughout the summer. If you want to know how to rent your house fast, you should understand that it ultimately comes down to its condition and location as well as whether it’s priced competitively.  

Tips for Renting a House: Seasons

Because we don’t have a crystal ball, we don’t know how long it will take to rent a property. It can depend on the time of year, because people are busy moving April through August. Kids are graduating and tenants are deciding whether or not they like where they live. People often base their moves on the school year. While people move for a lot of different reasons, they will typically be looking for a new home in the spring and summer. So, you can expect to rent your property quicker in those months than in the winter months. You’ll also get higher rents during those busy periods. You won’t have to offer incentives such as $500 off the first month’s rent to get the property rented quickly. If the property is in decent condition and priced properly, you can rent it fast during the most popular moving times. 

Property Condition 

If the condition of your home is fabulous and it looks like a brand-new house, you can plan on a very short vacancy time, and your home will rent right away. It’s a good reason to keep your home in excellent condition.  


People generally know what area of town they want to live in. Whether we consider it a good neighborhood or not is irrelevant; prospective tenants will have their sights on the neighborhood they want. It might be close to a good school or the freeway they take to work or in the vicinity of other family members. There are various reasons why people move to a specific area. 


Really, the amount of time your home is on the rental market depends on price. It always comes down to price and whether it’s the right price for your property. If you have a home that is priced competitively and the condition is comparable to other available homes, it will usually rent quickly.  

These are some of the things to consider when you’re wondering how long it will take to rent out your property. If you have other questions about this or anything regarding property management in Folsom, Sacramento or the surrounding area, please contact us at Residential Equity Management.