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How Much Money Do You Need to Invest in California Real Estate?

How Much Money Do You Need to Invest in California Real Estate?

Did you know that more than 38 million people live in California? While the residential real estate market may fluctuate, properties on always on the market.

Whether you want to invest in residential or commercial real estate, there is plenty of opportunity. More so, there are multiple ways to invest in California real estate that can suit your budget and goals.

How much money do you need to start investing in Folsom California real estate? Continue reading to learn more.

Why Invest in California Real Estate?

For most investors, real estate in California is attractive for a variety of reasons.

California not only has a considerable population but is a hub for the entertainment industry. Massive corporations (film, television, and music) have a strong presence in the state. California is also home to natural wonders such as the Redwood National Park.

With all of California's economic influence, it is not surprising that many properties are worth a significant sum of money.

The good news is that investors have the ability to invest as little or as much as they would like. There are opportunities such as REITS that require minimal investment.

California Real Estate Investment Opportunities

As described above, there are multiple ways to invest in California real estate. Below, a few approaches are highlighted.


REITS (or real estate investment trusts) are corporations that collect real estate to produce income for their shareholders. These companies purchase or finance real estate (commercial or residential). To generate income, they sell, rent, or lease the properties.

Beginner investors can invest as little as $1,000 to get started. Some investors may invest $20,000 or more depending on their budget. Dividends will be paid according to the REIT's structure.

One of the most beneficial aspects of REITs is that they are liquid investments. This can be attractive in comparison to other real estate opportunities.

Acquiring Property

If you want to invest more aggressively in California real estate, you can purchase residential or commercial real estate properties.

Depending on your budget and how many properties you want to acquire, it can be beneficial to co-purchase them with a partner or multiple partners. Many real estate investors have formed companies to acquire real estate. This can result in a larger portfolio.

Purchasing property in California can be expensive. Investments most likely will be $25,000 or more, including condos and lots. Many residential properties are currently worth $500,000+.

Contact Residental Equity Management

If you are looking to invest in Folsom California real estate, it is important to think about equity management. Investing in real estate can be a successful and profitable venture that generates significant income.

Experienced equity managers can oversee your investments for you. Furthermore, they can make sure your properties are producing the most income they can.

At Residental Equity Management, we build relationships with both real estate investors and tenants. It is our goal to help investors earn from their investments while helping tenants find comfortable homes.

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