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How to Handle Support Animals in Your Folsom, CA Rentals Efficiently

How to Handle Support Animals in Your Folsom, CA Rentals Efficiently

Are you a Folsom, CA landlord wondering about support animal regulations? With 74% of American pet owners citing an improvement in mental health after obtaining their pet, many landlords are faced with tenants with support animals.

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are not recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but they are prescribed to help those with emotional and mental health conditions.

Check out our guide to managing support animals in your rental property. Keep reading to learn more about how to stay in compliance and maintain harmony on your Folsom, CA, property.

Support Animals vs. Service Animals

Service Animals are trained to perform specific tasks for persons with disabilities. They are covered under the ADA and can legally go to a broader number of places compared to ESAs.

Emotional Support Animals provide comfort and support but do not require specific training.

Service animals can only be dogs and miniature horses. They are trained to perform specific tasks for the disabled person.

Service animals are allowed in all public, but emotional support animals can be denied access to public places.

Legal Obligations for Landlords

According to Fair Housing Act requirements, landlords must make reasonable accommodations for support animals, even when they have a no-pet policy on rentals.

Landlords cannot charge pet fees or deposits for support animals, but tenants are responsible for any damage done to the property.

Landlords can request documentation for ESAs but not for service animals. Some form of documentation or a letter from a licensed healthcare professional will suffice.

Practical Steps for Managing Support Animals

If you own a rental property in Folsom, CA, you must adhere to the rules regarding ESAs. In addition, you should have some plans in place to deal with tenants with ESAs.

Create a Clear Policy

Develop a written policy outlining the process for requesting accommodations for support animals.

Include guidelines on documentation, behavior expectations, and tenant responsibilities. You will then all be on the same page.

Communication and Training

Educate property management staff about the rights and responsibilities related to support animals.

Ensure staff know how to handle requests and interact with tenants who have support animals.

Addressing Common Concerns

Landlords may have health and safety concerns. They can require that support animals be vaccinated and licensed according to local laws.

They can set up rules to ensure animals are under control and do not pose a threat to others.

Another smart idea is to outline procedures for handling any damage caused by support animals. Landlords should conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance with property rules and maintenance standards.

Landlords can contact Folsom Animal Services for added support and guidance.

Managing Support Animals in Folsom, CA Rentals

Now that you know more about managing support animals in your Folsom, CA rental, you can avoid problems with California's Fair Housing Act requirements.

Working with a rental property management group can help. We at Residential Equity Management pride ourselves on being leaders in our local property management community.

Let us save you time, effort, and frustration. We'll keep you in compliance with the service animal policy of state and local governments. Schedule a consultation with us today.