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The Top 5 Reasons for Evictions

The Top 5 Reasons for Evictions

Many Americans are facing eviction in 2022. Before the end of the year, roughly 3.8 million Americans are facing eviction. Approximately 8.5 million are behind on their rent and could face eviction in the near future.

There are many different reasons why tenants are evicted from their rental property. Read on to learn the top 5 reasons for evictions. Explore topics such as grounds for eviction and why property managers seek to evict a tenant.

1. Failing to Pay the Rent

The number one reason for eviction is failing to pay the rent. In 2022, nearly 60% of American renters saw their monthly payments go up. Unfortunately, wages are not rising as fast as rent or the price of goods.

There are many reasons why a person cannot afford to pay their rent. Some lose their job or simply cannot keep up with their mounting bills. Others are injured and cannot physically work. There is a small percentage of renters that do not intend to pay.

With an economic recession on the horizon, this trend is only going to worsen in the short term. It is wise to speak with your property management team about their rent collection strategies during this time.

2. Violation of the Rental Agreement

Violating the terms and conditions of the rental agreement is another common reason. The rental agreement lays out specific provisions that the tenant is legally bound to comply with.

For example, the rental agreement may state that no pets are allowed on the property. The tenant could be evicted if they sneak a pet into the home.

3. Property Sale

The property owner is entitled to sell the home if they desire. With home prices through the roof, they may decide it is financially wise to liquidate the asset.

This is a perfectly legal decision to make. The landlord simply needs to provide advanced notice to the tenant. This gives the tenant enough time to find new living arrangements.

4. Conduct

As a tenant, you are expected to conduct yourself in an acceptable manner. Any illegal or disruptive behavior makes you vulnerable to eviction.

For example, committing a crime like selling drugs is one of many legal reasons for eviction. Some tenants decide to throw large disruptive parties that require police intervention. If this routinely occurs, the landlord can move to evict the tenant for unacceptable conduct.

5. Major Renovations

Being evicted does not always require a sinister reason. For instance, the landlord may be planning to make some major renovations.

For safety reasons, the tenants need to vacate the property during construction. Eviction is the next step, and the landlord needs to find alternative housing for you until the work is complete.

5 Top Reasons for Evictions

These are just a few of the many reasons why a landlord opts to evict a tenant. Failure to pay rent is the most common, but other reasons like poor conduct or violating the rental agreement also occur frequently.

If you need help with evictions, contact us today to speak with a property manager trained in this area.