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Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs in Folsom, CA?

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Do you find yourself paying out of pocket for Folsom rental property repairs? Are you struggling to keep up with lease enforcement to prevent undue wear and tear?If so, it may be time to hire a rental property management company. ... read more >>

5 Tips for Dealing With Stress as an Accidental Landlord

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Due to rising interest rates, America has become home to countless accidental landlords.Just two years ago, interest rates were around 2%, but they sit around 7% now. If you purchased a house over the last couple of years, this is... read more >>

A Step-by-Step Guide to Performing a Rental Analysis

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Picture it: you're starting your own property empire. You've invested in rental properties. But what do you charge for rent?There are so many factors to consider, and the market always seems to be changing!That's where... read more >>

How to Properly Prepare for Lease Renewal Negotiations

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For the approximately 11 million individual investor landlords in the United States, one of the most intimidating aspects of property management can often be negotiating lease renewals.However, fear not! In this guide, we will bre... read more >>
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